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This is so good man you have to finish it up! :).

D-Chain responds:

i will some day. AND THATS A PROMISE!
For now "we" seem to disagree on a lot of things
and this project has been put aside because of it.
In the mean time i will finish it myself but its not my priority due to other projects, sorry.
If you want to wait that long, follow me if you haven't already, ill post some news and stuff every week or so.

Peace and out!

This is Sickkkkk. Would have liked some thicker synths/layered on the 2nd run through of it but siiiick

I love this song!! Awesome job! =)

stunkel responds:

Thank you!

Nice song man, I enjoyed it =)

Th3TwisteD responds:

Thanks dood !!

Nice! sounds just like it =D

Great sounds! The orchestral hits around 20 seconds seem out of tune with the other instruments though, however I know that is probably the feel you were going for but not my cup of tea.

Oakwood responds:

I did some experimenting with modulation and such in this track, so there are indeed some sounds that are slightly out of tune, but I feel like it actually adds to the vibe! :) Thanks for the critics!

Awesome track! Love creepy music box tunes =D

JBeat2k9 responds:

Cheers man! ^_^ I *LOVE* what you did with Lucky Star! Bloody amazing!

Very good. The glitches /pauses/synths are very well placed

C-Enterprise responds:

I always try to make things flow smoothly, luckily i made it :)
Thank you!

Nice! Reminds me of Fractals dubstep

Pandasticality responds:

never heard of he's stuff before, i better check it out n__n thank you for your review.
- Pandasticality

Agreed with Inferno. Part A sounds more natural and the 2nd part needs something else to it in order to make the swingy part of it feel better like some more percussion maybe

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